Do you only make beef jerky chips?

Yes. Currently, we only offer what we know best - and that is beef jerky chips.


Why do you only offer two flavors?

Initially, these two flavors were the most popular among our friends and family. Once we grow enough to be able to accommodate other flavors, we will do so. Feel free to send over recommendations! We are totally open to your suggestions.


Where else can we purchase your chips besides this website?

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and we'll fill you in on where we pop up. Currently, you can only purchase directly from us online or at Kitchentown in San Mateo, CA.


How long do the jerky chips last?

The “best by” date printed on the bag is suggested for optimal crispness and freshness. However, the chips being dehydrated beef in nature, are still edible and safe to eat for at least a month after the “best by” date.


Are your chips gluten-free?

Yes. None of our natural ingredients contain gluten - including the soy sauce that we use!


We want to work with you. How do we contact you?

We love collaborations. Feel free to email with your idea/proposal and we'll set up a meeting.